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Arnold uber alles

ith the recent events that unfolded in California, many of the state's citizens are feeling powerless in the wake of a seemingly unstoppable Republican/Conservative takeover across the country.

Asunder Press is attempting to give a small voice to those who feel betrayed by the results of the Oct. 7 recall election by introducing the "Arnold Uber Alles" bumper sticker.

Inspired by local radio station 94.9's ardent airing of the many different versions of that classic Dead Kennedys' song, "California Uber Alles," Asunder Press thought it would be worth a shot to try and raise funds for an "Arnold Uber Alles" sticker to capture the feeling of takeover some of us are enduring.

Those who make donations of a dollar or more will receive a free sticker for every dollar they contribute.

The overall fee for the stickers is $61 for a black and white version and $160 for the radical black, red and white version. We, of course, prefer the latter version but, we don't really know what kind of a response we are going to get so we thought it might be best to include a no frills version. That said, observe how revoloutionary the red and black version looks next to the plain black and white one

No comparison really. That's where the extra Benjamin goes.

The stickers will be made through - a great resource for cheap stickers that anyone remotely involved in a band, Web site, art gallery or counter culture movement should definitely check out.

Imagine the great notion of satisfaction you will feel when you see that your contribution has not only gotten you some cool stickers for a dollar a piece but has also provided others with a voice for their thoughts and feelings as well. What's more, you will also one day see an "Arnold Uber Alles" sticker on the car in front of you and know that you contributed to its very existance. You altered the universe just a tiny bit more.

Why "Arnold Uber Alles"? Beyond the obvious reasons, the Nazi implications with Swartzenegger were too hard to resist. "Arnold above all."

Asunder Press has donated $20 to start the fund. It is making no profit off this project.

Donate to the fund via Pay Pal by clicking below.


Donations so far:
Asunder Press: $20 $5 (Thank You!)
Kara Snow: $20 (Thank You!)

Total balance after PayPal's cut: $43.61