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Poster artist describes work as 'brainwashing'
9/27/2: Anti-war activists protest Bush in Flagstaff, AZ
5/13/2: The Queen of country music
5/3/2 Article: Mullets and class in America
2/20/2: AJEDREZ
1/4/2: Buddy's retort
1/3/2: Defending my Stupidity
12/4/1: It Don't Mean a Thing
11/20/1: The Demise of Gen-X
11/8/1: FWD: Dwlete!
11/2/1: Dia de los Muertos is not the Mexican Halloween
10/18/1: R. Crumb Declares So-Ca; the Vortex of All Evil
10/2/1: Lounge Divas Live
9/13/1: Fall of the Towers
8/24/1: A former girl gone ... while enjoying a Jack Johnson show


1/20/3 AV: Troupe in Motion
12/3/2 A.V: Asunder Comics - a bad sitcom
8/26/2 A.V.: Asunder comics # 3
2/7/2 AV: ASUNDER comix -"no longer elusive"
2/4/2 ASUNDER comix "1"
1/15/2: "Dixie Graphics"
12/6/1: "Watership Down Intro"
12/3/1:Thilivhali MP3
10/11/1: Bigbee photos
10/4/1: 'Paradise Lost' Flash Movie


12/3/2 Canon: Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost
10/18/2 Canon: Howl by Allen Ginsberg
7/2/2 Lit: The Way to Wealth by Ben Franklin
4/8/2: "The Hollow Men" by T. S. Elliot
3/29/2 (Good Friday): "The Second Coming" By William Butler Yeats
3/11/2: "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell
2/19/2: "The Flea" by John Donne
11/26/1: "Kubla Kahn by Samuel Coleridge
11/19/1: "House of Incest" by Anais Nin
11/1/1 (Dia de los Muertos) "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight" by Dylan Thomas
9/20/1: "Infant Sorrow" by William Blake
9/5/1: "Sphincter" by Allen Ginsberg


Go to these shows!
2/3/3 Events: Posters and poetry
10/11/2 Events: Landmark films
9/16/2 Events: Relf and War
7/31/2 Events: Desperate Measures
7/17/2 Events: a Reading
6/25/2 Events: RK at City
4/30/2 Events: Poet, Orozco and Pac Review


Three more songs with great lyrics
1/13/3 List: Three great songs with great lyrics
3/7/2 List: Differences between the South and Southern California
2/25/2: Band names that are shamlessly sexual
1/31/2 List: Lance Vargas's 10 favorite taco shops in the San Diego area
1/18/2: 10 Random Titles from Lance Vargas's Bookshelf
12/7/1: Terrie Relf's 10 favorite haiku sites
11/28/1: an orinflamme of ten words in order read today but not written by Vyvyan Lees
11/13/1: Barry's beat drinks
11/5/1: Two from Sue (Cuadrado)
10/18/1: Buddy Blue's top 50 Butt Rock Anthems
10/9/1: Lance Vargas's 10 things he learned from hip hop
8/28/1: Barry Benintende's 10 infamous moments in the history of the Replacements


Dead Flowers!

11/26/2 Misc: J. Rhodes answers an Internet quiz
8/7/2 Misc: LBJ's complete "we shall overcome" speech
7/2/2 Misc: Romy response
4/2/2: Grapes of Wrath quotes
3/12/2 Misc: Kerouac quotes
2/11/2 (Lundi Gras) Misc: New Orleans toast
12/31/1: Excerpts from "Leaving Las Vegas"
11/24/1: Merry CHRISTmas
11/21/1: Thanks
9/21/1: alt.arts.poetry.comments
9/4/1: Strangelove Quotes


9/26/2 News: Opposition To War Increases
4/24/2 News: Text of pope’s address to U.S. cardinals
3/20/2: Moore states he was muscled by the SDPD
2/4/2: Super Bowl ads were Super Bowloney
1/29/2 News: W's first year
12/28/1: Mardi Gras fenced in
12/19/1: Mumia's sentence overturned
12/14/1: Usama's smoking gun
11/6/1: The Ann Coulter Saga
10/5/1: The Evidence
10/1/1: Activist missing
9/26/1: Chevy Camaro no more
9/13/1: Associate reaction

8/21/1: Helms to Retire, Sharpton may run


Strom Thurmond
Stephen Jay Gould
Ken Kesey
Waylon Jennings
Douglas Adams
Morton Downey Jr.
Timothy McVeigh
Gregory Corso


Poe & Pro
"The card-carrying member" by Christopher Mulrooney
"High" by Eustacia Guerrero

"She's Resplendent" by Coulter Jacobs
"almost sick" by Anonymous
"Dead rock babies" by L Vargas
2/10/3 Poe + Pro: I AM NOT ONE A YOU By Coulter Jacobs
2/3/3 Poe and Pro: Monologue in the Dark by Terrie Relf
1/27/3 Poe and Pro: THE HOLEY WALL by J. Rhodes
1/1/3 Poe + Pro: variable the outcome by L Vargas
12/18/2 Poe + Pro: God and Breakfast by Anon
11/7/2 Poe & Pro: Civic lessons in WINCity by L Vargas

10/28/2 Poe & Pro: a book signing by Terrie Relf
10/15/2 Poe+ Pro: La Jolla I and II by L Vargas
10/7/2 Poe + Pro: A PLEA TO AMERICANS IN LATE SEPTEMBER 2002 by J. Rhodes
9/17/2 Poe + Pro: "untitled"
by Elizabeth Mourant
8/8/2 Poe + Pro: "untitled" by Sam Stonebraker
8/1/2 Poe + Pro: "Skin on or off" by Terrie Relf
7/15/2 Poe + Pro: "The destruction of America occurs inside an am/pm" by L Vargas
7/2/2 Poe+ Pro: "killing spree" by J. Rhodes
6/14/2: "poetry whore" by Terrie Relf
6/11/2: "poem" by no one
5/16/2: "'71 mercury marquis" by Sam Stonebraker
5/7/2: "morning routine" by J. Rhodes
4/29/2: "Emphysema
" By Matt Rhodes
4/23/2: "people who stalk" by L Vargas
3/28/2: "9:46 p.m." by Matt R
3/25/2: "Shut the Fuck Up!" by Coulter Jacobs
3/18/2: "ten lanes of explosions" by L Vargas
3/11/2: "COUNTDOWN FROM HELL" by Robin Steele
3/5/2: "In the Underworld, Looking Up" by Coulter Jacobs
2/26/2: "Abo Deless" by J. Rhodes
2/21/2: "catskull balcony" by L Vargas
2/15/2 "preacher's kid blues" by Robin Steele
2/7/2 "july" by Sam Stonebraker
1/24/2: "I dont drive" by Terrie Relf
1/21/2 (MLK Day) "PC" by J. Christo
1/17/2 "Birth" by Sam Stonebraker
1/16/2 "Lines Composed 35,000 feet" by L Vargas
1/14/2 " Poem To J. Strange" by Coulter Jacobs
12/20/1 "Double Jack and Coke" by Vildaya Haya
12/11/1 "wrote counting the hours" by L Vargas
12/3/1: "well I guess I'm doomed" by Coulter Jacobs
11/27/1 "Perspective" by Sam Stonebraker
11/15/1: "2 mpegs" by L Vargas
11/6/1: "It Was a Great White Trash Dream" by Lucina Blaze
10/29/1: "Friend" by Coulter Jacobs
10/28/1: "I grew older" by L Vargas
10/22/1: "Fiona Walked With Angels" by J.D. Boucharde
10/15/1 "Untitled" by Kris Nelson
10/10/1: "Preacher Man" by Terrie Relf
10/3/1: "Lonely as a Freighttrain on a Saturday Night" by Coulter Jacobs
9/27/1: "Berlinetta" by L Vargas
9/24/1: "Crater" by Eustacia Guerrero
9/17/1: "Untitled" by Sam Stonebraker
9/1/10: "Over 98 Billion Served" by Coulter Jacobs
8/29/1: "on giant chickens" by L Vargas



2/18/3 Q&A: Andy Rooney
10/24/2 Q&A: Leonard Nimoy
6/25/2 Q&A: Joe Dante
5/20/2 Q+A: Subconscious questions with Bill Plympton
4/4/2: Spike speaks
11/30/1: Iddo Netanyahu
10/18/1 Q + A: Robert Crumb declares So Cal the vortex of all evil!
9/5/1: Short questions w/ Shepard Fairy


7/22/2 Society: Magnificent mullet
7/11/2 Society: The canyon was Grand
5/15/2: Spag din din
4/8/2: Night of the Imp
3/19/2: Jeremy appearance
2/1/2: X-mas and New Years Day
1/22/2: Out of gas after Tap